Eastbourne College Sports

Eastbourne College is infamous for its
envied sports education. Acknowledged
as the toughest athletes, the film’s purpose
was to echo what they do and what
they do best – WIN.
Smokescreen wanted to take the film to
the next level and created it’s own rain
system which can be seen in the
film’s opening sequence.
The film have received praise from around the
globe and have a proven record of student enrolment.

Eastbourne College Weekend

Eastbourne College is a community with
excellence at its core, and a clear
focus on health, happiness and
a holistic education. These values had
to be reflected within the film produced.
Introducing a brand new weekend curriculum,
we had the pleasure of working closely with
the students and what it is like to be part
of a top tier educational establishment within the UK.

Unit 11

Pacific House

Pacific Drive

Harbour Innovation Park


BN23 6FA